Moving can be one of the most stressful times of your life, especially if you have a big family, a lot of personal possessions, or are travelling a far distance. As moving experts here at Golden Class Movers, we have compiled a handy list of important tasks to check off before the date of your move. Getting these tasks out of the way before you move will help ensure a smooth, stress-free moving day with no surprises!

1. Create a Realistic Budget

Before you go about asking for quotes from moving companies, you must determine a budget that you are comfortable with. Having a clear idea of how much you can afford to spend will make it much easier for you to stay in line with your budget throughout the moving process.

2. Request the Day Off

Taking the day off of work and other responsibilities to focus on your move is ideal. A lot goes into your moving day – between organizing movers and setting your pets up with a pet sitter – so you’ll want to ensure you have nothing that can get in your way. Pro tip: if you can, schedule your move on a Friday. With the day off and the weekend ahead, you’ll at least have time to get somewhat settled in before the next week starts.

3. Call Your Utility Providers

Cable, water, heating, Internet, and other service providers your household employs need to be made aware of your move. The sooner you let them know you are moving, the easier it may be to get your services set up at your new house or close the accounts altogether.

4. Manage Your Packing Efficiently

Create a packing schedule for yourself a few weeks in advance of your move to get a head start! Instead of leaving everything until the last minute start packing a little bit each day. Begin with rooms and items you use infrequently (for example, all of your winter jackets and ski equipment if you are moving in the summer). Setting a daily quote for box-packing can help prevent several draining days of non-stop packing. Remember, you’ll need some energy to unpack the boxes once you’re at your new home!

5. Ensure You are Insured

House and moving insurance are extremely important. Before you move, ensure that there will be current home insurance covering your new home beginning on the day you are to move in. If you are hiring a moving company to help you, you should also opt for movers insurance which will cover any damages or cost of lost items. Many moving companies (Golden Class Movers included!) are willing to help you acquire this type of insurance.

6. Cancel or Transfer Memberships

Remember to cancel or transfer any memberships you may have for the gym, yoga studio, community centre, etc.

7. Make Moving-Day Arrangements

Depending on where you are moving to, you may need to obtain a special parking permit for your moving truck or request to book an elevator in your new building. Make these arrangements as soon as possible to reserve ideal elevator times and parking spots.

8. Make a List – Who to Notify

Before you move, make a list of people and businesses that you will need to notify about your change of address. Your employers need this information to properly pay you, for example. Magazine subscriptions, friends and family members, dentists and doctors, etc. will all need to be notified as soon as you move.

Hire Professionals

We hope you find this list helpful! Always remember, hiring professional, experienced movers can make a huge difference on your moving experience. Golden Class Movers would be happy to meet your every request, and ensure that your moving needs are met!

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