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Our professionally trained movers and packers possess a wealth of knowledge. And expertise makes Golden Class Movers top Hamilton movers, movers Kitchener, and Mississauga movers that Southern Ontario reaches out to. As an experienced GTA moving company, we ensure your belongings are safe and secure during short and long-distance moves. We use high-quality packing materials including bubble wrap, picture boxes, mattress covers, and a full range of durable cardboard moving boxes. It’s important we must use the best protective gear so when you’re searching for movers near me you’re certain to get expert help.

Furniture Movers and Packers

When you first ordered your beautiful bedroom our living room furniture, arrived disassembled. Whether you installed it by yourself or with help, moving it up and down flights of stairs in small pieces was much easier. Once the furniture has been assembled, removing it from your home and relocating elsewhere can be difficult. This is especially true during long-distance moving. Do not do it yourself! Our furniture movers and packers are trained to lift and redirect furniture easily and safely. We’re also a trusted long-distance moving company that transports your belongings to the right location without damage. Trust our movers and packers, we’re here for you!


Storage and Movers Near Me

Housing your personal belongings until you are ready and available to relocate can cumbersome. Without extra space, finding storage can be stressful. If you need to move out of one house before the new one is available, our GTA moving company can arrange third-party storage facilities. Golden Class Movers works with a variety of local storage providers to help make your move easier. We also transport possessions to and from storage units on both moving days. Our furniture movers and personal moving consultant work with you to answer questions. We want your long distance moving experience to be stress-free and organized!

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